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Our story

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In the city where Dâmbovița has been flowing with melancholy and determination, in the Bucharest of old stories and crazy parties, there lived at the beginning of the century and today as well, a lot of citizen from all over Europe, looking for a peaceful place for their business to bloom. Thus, around 1800 the population of our capital was multicultural: Jews, Greeks, Germans, Serbians, Bulgarians, Russians, Turks, Italians, all of them willing to work and settle here. All these individuals came to the city of Bucur with their cultural and social baggage of their own countries. And since then we have a long string of influences nowadays: French fashion, Austrian theatre, German painting, Jewish trade and so on. But, maybe, these influences have most left their print on the local cuisine. The Romanian cuisine is the result of the rural, simple, ancient cuisine and the mix of oriental and occidental cuisines. A joy of tastes and flavors which mix the finesse of the French cuisine with the simplicity of the Greek and Turkish cuisine and the consistency of the German cuisine Please visit our City Grill Restaurants to taste the plates the "traditionally urban cuisine"... a reinterpretation of old time plates.

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